Thursday, 18 April 2013

Welcome to Pooparuya's pooping blog. Where you find out where to poop and where not to poop.

So an Introduction,

It has been expressed that I visit more bathrooms than your average person. The phrase "you have to go again???" is commonly heard from the people around me. My activities happen so often that I was actually given the nickname, Pooparuya. Now, my situation can be explained medically as being a frequent shitter. I go often and go long. This has put me in an unique position and the opportunity to gain expert knowledge of the public washroom scene. I also travel extensively and have pooped everywhere. To summarize, my experiences have made me a connoisseur if you will of the public water closet. It was actually at the behest and recommendations of others that I start this blog, mainly because of my familiarity with a plethora of loo's.

So what's so Ninja about it? Well, the Ninja part happens only occasionally and I'll explain.

1.Everyone in the world has had to make that secretive shit. To sneak off, to sneak in, and clandestinely make a healthy deposit. Furthermore, the are several techniques that makes one a master, of which I am the master of the masters.
2. Strike again. Whenever appropriate, a true master leaves a calling card, a signature act that lets people know who just struck and of the complete audacity of the Ninja pooper.

So that's how it will start people. Prepare yourselves for the break through of your life.

This really is a game changer, and let the games begin.